Tebako with carriage wheels & waves, signed Shomin

Meiji period, 1868-1912, Japan

Height: 19.7 cm, 7.8 inches. Length: 37 cm, 14.6 inches

The waves in gold hiramaki-e on a gold ground sprinkled with gold dust, the wheels inlaid in shell and then lacquered over leaving the rims and spokes visible in shell. The interior of the lid has tomoe-mon in gold togidashi-e on nashiji.

Signed: Ani Shomin (older brother Shomin); pewter rims, white metal cord fittings in the form of carriage wheels. Ogawa Shomin (1847-1891). Accompanying document mentions 5th year, presumably of Meiji.

Paper Slip Inscribed

Imperial property of the Higashiyama period i.e. late 15th century referring to the original. Tebako with carriage wheels as used by Princess Yodo Gimi (Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s wife). Made by Shomin – artist to the Imperial household.

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