A pair of Kengoi Imari toguri porcelain bottles

Early 18th century, Japan

Height: 26.5cm, 10.43inches

The square shaped bottles have shoulders that slope gently on four sides flattening out to a short round neck with spreading mouth. The decoration on all four panels is similar with four separate scenes, two within cloud shapes and two within fan shapes against a raised honey coomb white glazed ground, and an enamelled diaper ground. The scenes depict a hut with a pine tree in a mountain landscape, a section of bamboo with leaves, and two different flowering plants. Each panel is framed within a rectangular boarder in over glaze red with gilt scroll work and chrysanthemum flowers.

kenjo or gift imari was used at the courts of the aristocracy, the enamels are particularly bright, the painting very fine and detailed. The colours include under glaze blue and over glaze enamels in blue, yellow, green, red, white and aubergine, with the gilding in cold gold.

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La maladie de porcelain, East Asian porcelain from the collection of Augustus the Strong, Leipzig 2001, figure 85.

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