An Imari porcelain charger

Circa 1700, Japan

Diameter: 55.4 cm, 21.81 inches

The shallow dish with broad spreading rim is painted in two tones of under glaze blue, with over glaze red, pink, green, aubergine and gold, all the colours particularly bright and vibrant. The central well shows a hoho bird (phoenix) perched on a rocky outcrop with a second bird in flight above, to the left are flowering peonies, and to the right peaches on a tree. The rim is divided into six panels with alternating scenes of plantain leaves amongst plum blossom, and two peony plants in full flower, each divided by a narrow panel with geometric designs and tassels. The reverse completely plain, the base with the characteristic spur marks associated with the manufacture of Japanese porcelain.

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‘Porcelain for Palaces’, Oriental Ceramics Society 1990, figure 45.

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