A kenjo Imari porcelain Kyo-yaki koro(incense burner) in the form of a gissha(ox-drawn carriage)

Edo period 18th century, Japan

19.4cm x 40.5cm

Constructed in various detachable sections the carriage is supported on two large spoked wheels. The front of the carriage has a pair detachable long parallel shafts and a yoke supported on a separate rectangular low stand. The carriage cover is in one piece and when removed a square incense burner is revealed along with a separate pair of tongs. The decoration is varied consisting of a number of patterned surfaces, the four sides of the carriage with simulated sudare (bamboo blinds), all painted in overglaze enamels of blue, red, green, yellow and black, with gilded details. The wood storage box is inscribed Goshoguruma.

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