A straw glazed earthenware striding camel

Tang dynasty, 8th century, China
唐 8世紀 中國

Height: 86cm, 33.9 inches

With its neck and head raised up, this camel strides forward – the modelling powerful and the creature magnificent. The body has a straw-colour glaze with brown accents, and over its two humps is draped a sancai (three-colour) glazed saddlecloth with a green fringe; the hooves are left unglazed, as is the base on which he stands. The beast is laden with saddle bags – both protected by covers with masks, and also provisions that are attached to a flat board on each side – meat, bread and a flask.


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Chinese, Japanese and Korean Sculpture, The Avery Brundage Collection, San Francisco – plate 101 illustrates a sancai glaze camel of very similar dimensions.

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