A pair of gilt-copper and cloisonné enamel figures of recumbent deer

Qianlong period, 18th century, China
乾隆時期 18世紀 中國

Length: 24.8 cm
長: 24.8釐米

Each deer is shown recumbent on a cloisonné enamel ‘cloth’ decorated with diaper pattern within a key-fret border that is draped over a stand, and is shown with head turned to the side as it grasps a sprig of enameled lingzhi in its mouth. The antlers arch gracefully forward over the pricked ears and the coat, with fine hair markings, is inlaid with florets and spots of lapis lazuli, turquoise and white color. Rising from the back is gilt-copper vapor below a bed of lotus petals that supports a ribbon-tied cloisonné enamel double-gourd vase decorated with wan emblems, shou characters and lotus sprays.




The Chinese Porcelain Company, New York. Khalil R. Rizk Collection, New York.

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