A famille verte figure of seated Luohan

Qing Kangxi period, 1662-1722, China
清康熙(1654 – 1722), 中國

Height: 12.5 cm, 4.9 inches

This famille verte enamelled biscuit figure is seated cross-legged with one knee raised, and is leaning his hands and chin on his knee. His skin is cold painted in brown, and left unglazed. His nails, beard, eyebrows, and hair are left white, and the texture of his hair is suggested with dotted marks. Heavy lines are incised into his skin to suggest his wrinkles. He is gazing downward, and his teeth are visible in his open mouth. He has a robe draped over his shoulders, which he is also sitting on. The inner lining of the robe is white. The outside of the robe is decorated in a checked pattern with squares in black, green, yellow, and pale purple. The draped hem that forms the edge of the base on which the Luohan is seated is edged in green. He is wearing pale green short trousers with a dark green geometric-pattern border, tied with a brown string.

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