A pair of glazed terracotta standing female attendants

Ming dynasty, 1368-1644AD, China
明代, 中國

Height: Left 67cm, 26.38 inches; Right: 68cm, 26.77 inches
左件: 高 67 釐米; 右件: 高 68 釐米

The pair of female attendants are a typical example of Ming dynasty funerary art. Each stands on a blooming lotus flower on a hexagonal plinth, wearing a robe with a cross collar, full sleeves and a long shawl in green and amber glaze. The treatment of the folds and creases emphasises the fluidity of the silk garments and gracefulness of the women. The heads are detachable, their hair simply decorated with an incised band across the forehead. Their plump cheeks, delicate features, and small rosy lips reflect the ideal beauty of women in this period. Both figures are holding offerings on their concealed hands- one with a carp on a plate and the other with a rectangular box.

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