A rectangular filled in and incised, t’ien-ch’I, red lacquer altar table

18th century, China
18世紀 中國

Height: 84 cm, 33.1 inches - Length: 143.5 cm, 56.5 inches
高84釐米 - 長143.5釐米

The top is decorated with three square panels each containing a flowering plant amongst rockwork, birds and insects and framed by further cartouches similarly decorated against a multi swastika ground. The top is supported by a narrow waist with elongated oblong openings descending to a convex apron supported by brackets joined to square legs that narrow at the knee ending in leaf shaped scrolling feet. The legs and apron also decorated with cartouches containing naturalistic scenes against a swastika ground.


Alice Boney, Tokyo 1960. Ambassador Pierre Landy, Paris.

Similar Examples

The complete collection of treasures of the Palace Museum, furniture of the Ming and Qing dynasties, the commercial press HK 2002, Vol 2, figure 94. This Qianlong long narrow table is of very similar form. For the same technique and decoration see volume 1, figure 91 from the same series.

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