A large amber-coloured glazed terracotta candlestick

Tang dynasty, 618-907, China
唐代, 618-907, 中國

Height: 34cm, 13.39 inches

The ribbed shaft bears a shallow saucer and socket into which the candle is placed. The shaft in turn rests on a wider saucer over a high flaring foot. Earthenware body is covered in an amber coloured lead glaze with dark speckles and a fine crackle. The bottom is left unglazed revealing the whitish clay body.

Similar Examples

Tseng, H. and Dart, R. P. (1964) ‘The Charles B. Hoyt Collection’, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston- plate 62, see a similar example but with straw glaze.

Watson, W. (1984) ‘Tang and Liao ceramics’. London: Thames and Hudson- page 72, figure 42, see a similar example but with sancai glaze.

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