A stone seated Buddha

Pala, 9th century, India

Height: 50 cm, 19.7 inches


Buddhist Hybrid Sanskrit donation formula with the notably Prakritisms “jad” for “yad”, and “punam” for “puṇyam”.

l.1: deyadharmmo (’yam) dānapati[-]

l.2: vaṇik{a}+(nā)rāyaṇasu[-]

l.3: ta-lo[t]ik[a+?]kasya jad atra

l.4: punam tad bhavatu //


(This) is the pious gift of the donor (dānapatí) Lotika/Lolika/Lonika the son of the merchant (Nā)rāyaṇa. What is here the merit, may it be.” The name of the donor appears to be Lotika/Lolika (the character in question looks most like an alternative form of “t” or “l”, and it is possible that another character is obscured by the ear. The formula usually contains also a mention of the beneficiaries of the merit that appears to be missing here, meaning it is for the donor’s own merit. Translated by Somadeva Vasudeva, Columbia University

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