A large solid cast bronze figure of Vishnu

Vijayanagar period 15th century South India

Height: 43.5cm

The muscular Hindu God stands in tribanga on an oval base, the four-armed Deity with his primary right hand in abhaya mudra, his left hand resting on his gada, his upper hands raised holding cakra and sankha. His bare chest is adorned with a necklace, chest band, and armbands, above a short dhoti secured by an elaborate belt with a kirtimukha buckle. The figure’s head is surmounted by a tall crown with bud finial, his hair being left to cascade in ringlets to the back to his shoulders, from which a wheel-like halo is attached.
Vishnu is mostly depicted in a static and ridged full frontal pose, the more relaxed pose here with legs flexed is more commonly associated with Shiva and is more aesthetically pleasing.


UK private East Anglian collection acquired in the 1960s.

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