A grey schist stone relief frieze showing three scenes from the life of Buddha, Gandhara, circa 3rd century CE


Height: 54cm Width: 25cm

This carving in deep relief is divided into three horizontal registers, one on top of the other, on a rectangular slab of grey schist stone. Each register reveals various scenes from the life of Buddha. The top panel depicts the standing Buddha greeting distinguished visitors one of whom kneels before him. The middle panel shows the Buddha seated under a Bhodi tree blessing worshippers. The lower register also shows the standing Buddha greeting followers who approach him with their hands held together in prayer. These three scenes are vertically bordered on the left-hand side with ten registers of single boys depicted in a number of different standing postures.

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Similar example: ‘Gandharan Art’, The Buddhas life story by Isao Kurita 2003, figure 365.

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