A thangka depicting Amitabha Buddha Pureland (Sukhavati)

15th century Tibet
15世纪 西藏

80cm x 86cm
80釐米x 86釐米

The red central figure represents Amitabha, the “Infinite Light”, one of the Five Transcendent Buddha, in the Sukhavati Heaven. He displays dhyana mudra and holds a begging bowl. Sitting on a throne with lotus petals and peacocks, he is flanked by his two bodhisattvas, Avalokiteshvara and Mahastahamaprapta.

The composition of the painting is in square format, with the largest figure of Amitabha in the centre, the remaining space clockwise from the top register shows 1) sixteen buddhas, 2) Akshobhya, 3) Nagaraja, 4) Vairocana, 5) Amitayus, 6) Buddhas and monks, 7) A monk, 8) Medicine Buddha, 9) Padma Sambhava and 10) Prajna Paramita.

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