Famille Jaune hexagonal-shaped porcelain covered tea kettle

Kangxi period 1662-1722 AD, China
康熙 (1662-1722) 中國

Height: 5.3 cm, 2.08 inches Diameter: 13.5 cm, 5.31 inches
高: 5.3釐米 直徑: 13.5 釐米

The teapot is predominantly enamelled in over glaze blue, aubergine, and green against a light-yellow wash on the biscuit, the complex design with various auspicious motifs is outlined in finely painted black enamel. The teapot is modelled in hexagonal form, with a lobbed shoulder and a slender bottom supported by three arched short feet. The hexagonal spout decorated with musical stones and coins in mirror design and the arched handle in black and yellow basket pattern. There is a trellis band beneath the hexagonal neck, the tea kettle is capped with a lid embellished with a double-outlined border of continuous swirls, centred by a top knob franked by a ribband musical stone and a ribband rhombus Daoist motif. On the body are six panels in three repeating design representing one hundred antiques- one cartouche depicts a covered bottle-neck globular porcelain vase with a stand, the design on the body is picked up by contrasting aubergine, green enamel against the breaking white waves.

Behind the tall vase is a bulbous-shaped jar on a short stand, a pair of swords with floating pendant ornaments, a pair of horn rhytons and a musical stone, amidst an aster and a cluster of bamboo leaves. The middle panel is adorned with a large baluster vase in bright white wash with zigzag borders picked up in green enamel and flowering plants against a fenced elegant sandy garden with a low game table and garden seats, dotted with two more ewers and a prunus flower in full bloom. The third cartouche is ornamented with two vases, both with triangular-pattern near the bottom, one embellished with a peacock feather and another with two ring handles supported by a tall stand with cabriole legs, further accompanied by castanets and a prunus flower.

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‘Catalogue of the Leonard Gow Collection of Chinese Porcelain’ by R. L. Hobson, Plate LIX, figure 278, p.75, and Plate XXXIX, figure 168, p.49.

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