A white-glazed three-legged toad

Ming dynasty, 17th century, China
明代,17世紀, 中國

Height: 11.3 cm Length: 19cm
高:11.3 釐米 長: 19釐米

The three-legged toad, also known as Jin Chan, is associated with the Daoist monk Liu Hai, an embodiment of the god of wealth. This standing toad is covered with white glaze except for the blue bulging eyes. It is looking upwards with the elevated pierced nostril and open mouth. Moulded spots and bumps represent its characteristic skin. The hole on the back of the toad and the pierced nostril and mouth suggest it may be an incense burner or an oil lamp.

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Ausstellung Chinesischer Kunst 1929, fig. 1009.

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