A well-carved bamboo figure of Dongfang Shuo and a boy

17th Century, Ming dynasty, China
17世紀, 明代, 中國

Height: 14 cm, 5.51 inches Length: 13.2 cm, 5.2 inches
高: 14釐米 長: 13.2釐米

The immortal is naturalistically carved with a jocular expression and with finely combed beard and moustache, his hair tied up into a bun and covered by a hat. He is seated on layered rockwork leaning on his outstretched right arm, his left hand holding a branch bearing three peaches. His long flowing robes are loosely draped over his legs and left open at the chest, and elegantly tied at the waist in a bow. Crouching to his left, a boy attendant is depicted seated on a rocky ledge holding a peach.

Dongfang Shuo (c. 160- 93 BCE) was a Han Dynasty (260 BC-220 AD) scholar-official and court jester to Emperor Wu (r. 141- 87 BCE). In Chinese historical myths, he is considered a Daoist immortal. According to one legend, he stole the peaches of immortality from Xiwangmu, Queen Mother of the West and became an immortal.

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