A volcanic stone figure of Ganesha

Central Java, 9th century, Indonesia

Height: 35cm 13.78 inches

The squat crowned Ganesha is seated on a double lotus pedestal with his feet together sole to sole. The Indonesian representations of Ganesha can usually be identified by this particular sitting posture, which is almost unknown elsewhere in the earliest examples (Pal, 2001: 104). He is holding the standard attributes for Ganesha- the rosary, flying whist, broken tusk and bowl of sweets from which he snacks with his trunk. He is clad in a dhoti and adorned with various items of jewellery. The naga is curled around his torso and rears its hooded head above Ganesha’s left shoulder.

Similar Examples

Pal, P. (2001) ‘Ganesha: The benevolent’. Marg Publications- page 105-107, figure 7-9.

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