A standing Prajnaparamita in sandstone, Baphuon style, 3rd quarter of the 11th century

Angkor, Cambodia

Height: 56 cm, Width: 15.5 cm

This is a standing figure of a female deity carved in a light-brown sandstone. Although the arms are now missing, a small Amitabha Buddha in meditation posture (Dhyanasana) seated on top of the chignon and hair topped with a stylistic lotus flower suggests the identity of this figure to be Prajnaparamita, the “Perfection of wisdom” and “the Mother of Buddhas.” Wrapped around her tapered waist is a long, pleated sampot knotted into a fish-tailed fold held together with a looped sash. This type of drapery as well as the statue’s angular hairline is typical of Baphuon-styled sculptures dated to the 3rd quarter of the 11th century.

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