A single Kakiemon porcelain cockbird

Late 17th century, Japan

Height: 21cm, 8.27inches

The bird sits on the ground with both feet exposed; the head is turned back upon itself with open beak and piercing eyes, the head and neck feathers all in iron red. The wings rest against the body, with finely detailed paintwork, the feathers enamelled in white, blue, green, yellow and black enamels. The long tail feathers rise above the group in partly openwork arches the paintwork less detailed and the colours all together more expressionistically applied.

As far as we are aware this is an unrecorded model.

Similar Examples

For another Kakiemon cockerel of a different model see, ‘Porcelain for Palaces’, British Museum 1990 figure 169, from Burghley House.

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