A set of six oil paintings each showing Chinese domestic views within pavilions

Early 19th century, Chinese Export
19世紀早期 中國出口

64.5cm x 50.5cm
64.5釐米x 50.5釐米

This set of six views of Chinese female domestic life would have been commissioned by a western trader as an exotic memento to take home. The exotic had great appeal to Europeans and Americans in the late 18th and 19th centuries, and here we see six scenes with ladies in typical Chinese dress, within gardens, pavilions, lakes and terraces, amongst flowering potted plants and trees. The ladies indulge in genteel pursuits like drinking tea and conversing with friends and children, all set off by the setting which would have afforded the viewer a glimpse of a strange another world.

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‘The China trade’ by Carl Crossman 1991, plate 71 and 75.

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