A pair of turquoise porcelain figures of Budai

Early 18th century China, each mounted in French ormolu of the Louis XV period circa 1740
18世紀早期,中國;鎏金銅鑲嵌 法國路易十五時期 1740

Height: 11.5cm - Width: 16.5cm
高: 11.5釐米 - 寬: 16.5釐米

Each identical Budai figure is seated in a characteristic pose in royal ease (Lila asana), his right hand resting on the raised knee holding a string of rosary beads, his left hand holding the end of a money sack that continues behind him. The bald figure is laughing with elongated earlobes, his large belly and chest fully exposed by the open costume he wears. Both figures are placed on an ormolu oval bed of scrolling leaves, flowers and shells supported on three feet of similar type. An ormolu three branched trunk rises behind each Budai figure, the central branch unfolds with flowers and leaves above the monks head, the other two branches scroll to his left and right with leaves each supporting a single candelabra.

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