A pair of recumbent porcelain lions each surmounted by a vase

18th century, Chinese export
18世紀 中國

Height: 21cm Width: 26cm
高: 21釐米 寬: 26釐米

Each mythical horned lion is lying down, head held up, one facing to the right the other to the left, each with open mouth, the wild eyes and teeth picked out in thick white enamel. The hair work is very finely painted with thin black lines pulling one way and another effectively conjuring up the feeling of fur, all against a copper brown ground with gilded highlights. A straight sided vase with a flared mouth is placed in the middle of each back contained within a dark blue enamel dish. The dark blue is echoed in a band around the mouth of each vase and further decorated with a garland of gilt flowers. Possibly English or American market.

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