A pair of Blanc de chine porcelain models of hawks

Late 17th century, China
十七世紀晚期, 中國

Height: 24 cm, 9 7/16 inches
高: 24 釐米

Each bird of prey stands facing forwards, the head with partly parted beak and heavily hooded eyes, slightly turned to left and right respectively. The powerful claws grip around the front of a hollow, oval rockwork base, the bird’s long tail feathers extending down to and touching the back of the base, the wings held down but extending away from the body at the front, the feathers moulded and incised in layers.

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The inventory of the goods listed in Burghley House and dated 1688. Figure 243 is an illustration of a hawk, and the inventory mentions “4 China ffaulcons on ye Like peddistalls” in ‘The Wrestling Boys: An Exhibition of Chinese and Japanese Porcelain of Burghley House Stamford’ by Lady Victoria Leatham, 1983, Stamford: Burghley House, p. 93.

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