A lobed hexagonal vase decorated in underglaze blue, signed on the base within a square ‘Makuzu Kozan’ (真葛香山)

Late Meiji period, circa 1900, Japan

Height: 25 cm, 9 7/8 inches

The vase rises expanding gradually outwards in ribbed lobes from the foot rim to a high shoulder from which a short neck opens into a narrow circular mouth. A dynamically drawn four clawed dragon is depicted vertically on alternating lobes, interspersed with birds amongst pine, prunus and bamboo (the three friends of winter) between each dragon panel. Around the neck is a band of overlapping leaves.

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For further examples and information on Makuzu Kozan porcelain, see ‘Treasures of Imperial Japan, ceramics part 1 porcelain’, The Nasser D Khalili collection of Japanese Art, Kibo foundation, 1995.

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