A large sancai glazed caparisoned horse

Tang dynasty, 8th century, China
唐 8世紀 中國

Height: 68.5 cm, 25 inches - Length: 77.5 cm, 30.5 inches
高68.5釐米 - 長77.5釐米

The powerfully modelled horse stands foursquare upon a rectangular base – its head turned slightly to the left. The mouth is open, ears pricked, and there are green glazed horse brasses to each cheek, between the eyes, and above the nose. A green saddle sits upon two blankets decorated with a mottled sancai glaze; the horse is of a light cream colour – with brown hooves, mane and tail. Elaborate floral trappings in alternating green and amber glaze are suspended from a strap around the horse’s hind quarters; a similar strap to the front bears simpler teardrop-shaped brasses.



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Important Early Chinese Ceramics, Archaic Bronzes, Sculpture, Silver and Lacquer from the British Rail Pension Fund Sotheby’s London sale (12.12.89) – lot no. 56 was a sancai glazed caparisoned Fereghan horse, Tang dynasty, of almost the same dimensions.

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