A large Imari porcelain bowl and cover

Early 18th century, Japan

Height: 49cm, 19.3 inches

The deep round bowl is supported on a low circular foot; the domed cover rises to an octagonal finial on a chrysanthemum flower base, both parts quite thickly potted for strength. The decoration in the main field of both parts is similar, with three shaped panels containing flowering chrysanthemums placed in a vase, on a table, on a terrace with a balustrade. The areas in between are painted with landscape scenes containing pavilions, mountains and trees, all the decoration executed in under glaze blue, over glaze red and cold gold. The bowl with a scrolling peony flower boarder around the bottom, and around the top of the bowl a series of cartouches painted with flowers and leaves against a white ground, contrasting with the outer background of dark blue with gilded details. The latter design is repeated on the cover.

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