A Famille Rose porcelain standing figure of an official

Early Qianlong 18th century, China. 
乾隆早期 18世紀 中國

Height: 46.5 cm

This impressive figure of an official is made in two parts, the head is separate from the body and can thus be placed to face any directions. He stands fore square with legs apart and both arms held out, he carries a gilt bronze Ruyi scepter in his left hand which rests against his left shoulder. The robes are worn in four layers that cover the official’s body descending down to his shoes that poke out at the front, each layer of clothing comprises a different textile design and colour pallet creating a remarkably rich and varied costume with pendulous sleeves. The head supports an elaborate hat finely decorated with dragons, floral motifs and tassels all glazed and gilt. The figure’s face is painted in subtle flesh tones with red lips and sepia eyebrows, his ears are large, and a long hair beard sprouts from holes to the upper lip, chin, and cheeks.

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