A Chinese polychrome enamel Porcelain Brush Rest

Late Ming Dynasty, 17th century, China

Height: 10.2 cm, 4.02 inches - Length: 12.0 cm, 4.72 inches
高: 10.2 釐米 - 長: 12.0 釐米

This porcelain brush rest is cast in two halves, in the form of a scholar sitting upon a stylized rock or tree trunk, which rises at both ends. The figure wears a typical Ming scholar-official hat with two tassels hanging at the back, his smiling face is modelled to show the contour of his plump cheeks and rounded chin; his slender, alert eyes, raised brows and lips all picked out in black and red pigments. The figure’s robes are embellished with green flower patterns, set against patches of red on a white ground, and tied at the waist by a cream-coloured belt decorated with brown dots. The base upon which the scholar sits is painted with stylized patterns in red, black and green enamel; on his left hand side is a bowl decorated with red stripes into which a brush could be placed vertically, the opposite side has a much smaller opening to support a joss stick, the gaps either side of the figure being perfect for resting a brush horizontally.

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