A bronze figure of Ganesha

Angkor period, 13th century, Cambodia

Height: 11.5 cm, 4.53 inches

Seated in virasana on a low rectangular base supported on four bracket feet, the elephant headed son of Shiva and Paravati looks forward with wide open alert eyes, his hair raised up into a three tiered top knot secured at the base by a simple crown. The end of his trunk resting on his large stomach, his exposed torso decorated with a diagonally worn garland and arm bands. His sampot sports an extravagant flap at the front, and is secured by a belt that displays its full beaded ornamentation on the reverse side. Both arms are held forwards and bent with each wrist resting on a knee, one hand holding his broken off tusk, the other an unidentified attribute.


Oxford thermoluminescence test no. N108b29 confirms the dating.

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‘The Ganesa of the National Museum’, Exhibition at the National Museum of Phnom Penh 2000, page 16 figure Ga5439.

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