A blue and white export porcelain nightlight, in the form of a crouching cat

19th century, Qing dynasty, China
清代, 中國

Height: 13.5 cm, including base 2.5 cm; Length: 12 cm - Height: 5 1/4 inches, including base 1 inches; Length: 4 3/4 inches
高: 13.5 釐米 (含底座 2.5釐米 ); 長 : 12 釐米

The hollow crouching cat has its head turned to his left, with ears pricked-up, glaring open round eyes, and open mouth revealing teeth, fangs and tongue. His body is rounded with legs tucked in and the long tail curled around his haunches at the front and ending beside the head. The hair work is painted in underglaze blue as a series of short lines, interspersed with cloud shaped patches. An irregular shaped opening is cut into the top of the back, allowing the candle that would be placed in the body of the cat to expel its smoke and heat.

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A Ming dynasty porcelain night-light model with detachable base, in the form of a crouching cat with underglaze blue decoration. The British Museum, object No.1984,0303.16.a. Please click here for more information.

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